"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."  Proverb. 3: 5-6

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While children of 'change,' seeking after the pleasures of the 'moment,' negate the Father's authority in their thoughts and actions, they bring upon themselves the Father's wrath in the end.

A brief overview and chart might be helpful as you read the article Diaprax Exposed, explaining dialectic 'reasoning' and its use in "team building" to 'create' a so called "'New' World Order" (using a method for 'change' as "new" as Genesis 3:1-6).  It is all academics until you realize that it affects you and those you love, not only breaking down the father's authority in the family but also negating faith in God, putting trust in man instead, i.e. using "human' reasoning'" (dialectic 'reasoning') to 'justifying' the child's (man's) carnal nature over and against the father's/Father's (God's) authority—Luke 16:5"Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD." Jeremiah 17:5 

Diaprax Exposed explains how the dialectic process ("human 'reasoning'") is being used to 'justify' the child's carnal nature ("human nature") over and against the father's authority, i.e. negating the father's authority (and therefore, according to dialectic 'reasoning,' negating the Heavenly Father's authority, i.e. God's authority) in the thoughts and actions of the children.  It is the 'purpose' of Common Core, and its use of "Bloom's (Marzano's) Taxonomies," to turn all educational institutions into globalist-environmentalist-socialist-humanist training centers ("Training Laboratories"), 'changing' how the next generation of children (the future citizens and workers of the world) feel, think, and act toward parental authority, i.e. turning their hearts away from the father's authority (and therefore away from the Father's authority, i.e. from Godly restraint—which engenders private property and private business, i.e. individualism, under God), turning their hearts to unrighteousness and abomination, i.e. to all that is of the world instead.  1 John 2:15-18  The 'change' process is subtle and complex, surviving in our 'compromises' of the 'moment,' i.e. being "reasonable" in the world of 'change' (where we least notice it's affect upon us).

For more on the subject of 'change,' i.e. the dialectic process, i.e. the 'liberation' of children from parental authority (the 'liberating' of mankind from Godly restraint), i.e. the "new" world order, i.e. "Making the world safe for Democracy," read the article Higher Order Thinking Skills (still in draft form) and the issues The Key to 'Change' and The Dialectic Process.  See the issue It's all about your Father and His authority. Period! for the briefest overview of all. 

There is no father's/Father's authority (and therefore no "guilty conscience" for disobedience, i.e. for being unrighteous and abominable) in dialogue.   Through the dialoguing of opinions to a consensus, the father's authority (and therefore the Father's, i.e. God's authority) and the "guilty conscience" are negated in the feelings, thoughts, and actions of all 'willing' participants, who therefore have no "guilty conscience" in the social action (praxis) of negating the father/Father and his/His authority (along with all those who honour his/His office and obey him/Him) from society.  In this way crime can be used in the advancement of socialism, i.e. in the name of "community," i.e. initiation and sustaining 'change.'  

Teachers have been "right-sized" (fired) for knowing and sharing this information.  Educational establishments (including "Christian" schools, collages, and universities) are censoring this website, labeling it as being "extremely offensive" material because they do not want the parents (as well as teachers) knowing how the methods being used in the classroom are 'changing' the child's feeling, thoughts, and actions toward parental authority. "There are many stores of the conflict and tension that these new practices are producing between parents and children."  (Taxonomy of Educational Objective Book 2: Affective Domain)  All teachers are trained in how to use this "Taxonomy" in the classroom (many do not like it, sensing something is wrong with it, but use it unwittingly, i.e. ignorant of its true intent).  Teachers can not be "certified" and schools can not be "accredited" unless they use this "Taxonomy" in the classroom, 'changing' how the students (the next generation of citizens and workers) feel, think, and act toward parental authority.  According to dialectic 'reasoning,' negating the father's authority over the home accomplishes the negation of the Father's authority (Godly restraint) over society, thereby allowing unrighteousness and abomination freedom to reign.

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