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Dean Gotcher founded The Institution for Authority Research in 1995.  Originally, his research (spanning five years, reading over 600 social psychology books, many of which are foundational to earning a PhD in Education, Psychology, and Philosophy today) centered on educational issues, primarily Goals 2000.  He began speaking full-time in 1997 (after teaching on the subject in an upper level class at a University).  As the years went by the information was expanded to include the workplace, government institutions, and the church. He and his wife Karen (6-10-1950 -10-11-2023) traveled from coast to coast explaining the dialectic process and practice (praxis). He began giving seminars, explaining the dialectic process and diaprax and its application in our society. 

In 2000, the first Diaprax Conference was held in Dallas Texas.  Dean invited other speakers to join him.  These men researched specific areas where "diaprax" is affecting our culture.  Since then, IAR has held conferences in various locations around the country. These conferences provide in greater detail how the Diaprax is being applied in the workplace, the police force, education, government, and the church.

The following are presentations made by Dean and his conference speakers.

Conference speakers Articles speakers have written: Audio presentation:
Dean Gotcher Diaprax: the dialectic process and praxis: Vol. 1. and 2 (excerpts from both booklets) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  6-2014
Oklahoma City, OK 12-2014 1st meeting
Oklahoma City, OK 12-2014 2nd meeting
& Power Point slides
Dr. Robert Klenck Diaprax: Church Growth - the globalization of the church. Church Growth and Globalism.  1, 2
Steve Goss Diaprax: the work place.  (excerpts) General System theory and Total Quality Management.  1, 2, 3
Phil Worts Diaprax:  the police force.  (excerpts)

Property Rights and the Conscience.  1, 2, 3 

Subject -- Object Dichotomy.    parts 1, 2,
COPS (brief), Part 1, Part 2

Phil Ring
James Borchert  tapes:
Pastor James Borchert went to be with the Lord, August 26, 2021 -- Sermon by Jim (facebook)
Romans 13:1 and Governmental Authority.  1, 2, 3 
Los Angels, CA  03-07  
1, 2, 3, 4

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