Steve Goss

Excerpts from Diaprax and the work place.
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This paper will try to illustrate how the consensus process is part of a system designed to transform and restructure our society. It is largely through organizational management practices found in the majority of the Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and throughout the world that we are able to accomplish a complete transformation of the culture that we now live.  During my research on dialectic-based management, I noticed a parallel to the "new age" movement. This is especially evident in the concept of wholism and general systems theory, which share common strands.  (Pg. 1)

Total Quality Management and "systems" stress the need for the consensus process and frown heavily on those that are based in Biblical absolutes.  The synthesis in this worldview is to either adapt or become extinct. (Pg. 5)

The core issue that comes to light when evaluating TQM is the understanding that all of the processes, including the management of human resources, are part of the definition of quality. Also, it is important to understand that TQM is not about objective quality but subjective quality. For instance, the customer is the sole determiner of how quality is defined. (Pg. 14)

The tools / technology that I will discuss are ones that facilitate change in our culture. The technology ranges from technologies that teach our children to think as a group and develop group consensus through software interaction to tools that are part of the portfolios that are tracking our individual buying habits.  And the most insidious and privacy robbing tools of all are the ones our own government are using to monitor us. (Pg. 19)

A tool that is commonly employed in The TQM environment is role-playing. The idea of this, in part, is to have all members participate. This further helps the facilitator break down walls and create team thought. Large corporations are using these exercises to redefine our ethics away from traditional approaches to a flexible "diverse" approach. (Pg. 25) 

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