The "Restoring America" Lie


Dean Gotcher

"Conservatives" across America speak of "Restoring America" to the way it was.  They lie.  Speaking to "Conservative" groups across America I see the lie in almost every meeting.  I have even had meetings canceled by "Conservatives" because I dared to "Restore America" to the way it was, i.e. because I shared the gospel message in the meetings.  Anyone who dares to take a hard look at American history will see that the America of the "past," despite all its evils, i.e. because of the wickedness of men's heart, was not ashamed of preaching and teaching the gospel message in the public domain, i.e. preaching and teaching on the Judgment (wrath) of God upon the wickedness of men's hearts, i.e. upon the depravity of man's heart, and man's propensity to sin, needing to repent of his sins before the Savior Jesus Christ to escape the torments of Hell.  But today, for the sake of "unity" amongst "Conservatives" the name of the Lord (and God's judgment upon man because of his sins) is only given lip service at the most (if brought up at all), so as not to offend the "members" of "the group."  Those seeking to "Restore America," being ashamed of the gospel, are only out to make a name for themselves, i.e. liars, with "ministers" being the greatest name makers of all.

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