What Happened To Karen.

Karen had CLL, Lymphoma, which is cancer of the bone and CHF, Congestive Heart Failure. Karen had three stents. Lymphoma made her lymph nodes large and tight. Congestive Heart Failure, due to the heart no longer being able to create enough pressure to force the water out of her body, gravity taking its course, made her legs large with sores sometimes developing due to celluloses, water seeping out through the skin by the ankles.

On October tenth, 2023, I took Karen up to see a doctor regarding infection in sores on her lower right leg. Upon telling the doctor we had come up to get antibiotics for infection in her sores, the doctor immediately reached for a wrap on her desk (called a boot; a boot is three tight wraps to force water up the leg into the body where the kidneys can then recognize it and expel it, allowing sores to heal from the inside out, like a burn) and immediately leaned down (without examining the foot, without sanitizing around the sores, and without cleaning off the sores dead skin, which needs to be done in order for the new skin to heal properly) and put it on, repeating over and over again that the first wrap had zinc and calamine lotion on it. In 29 hours, Karen died from infection. The doctor pushed a localized infection, that could have been easily cured with antibiotics up Karen’s leg. 4 1/2 hours after what was a leg at normal temperature, the leg was 104°, with sores and blisters now running from Karen's right ankle all the way up to her knee.

Karen had seen her cancer doctor a few weeks earlier. She had a sore that I had been successful in healing. When she took a shower before going up to see her cancer doctor, we forgot to cover the scab and the sore reopened. It was a week or so after that, I noticed it appearing infected. At times she had not been making it to the bathroom on time and I perceive what happened was when she took the shower bacteria was able to enter the now opened sore. 

On the third of October (2023), I was concerned enough to take a picture of the infected sore since Karen could not see her ankle. It was on the lower right side of her leg. During that time I was using pads to cover up the sore that had sticky stuff on them to hold them in place. I noticed when I was taking them off to put new ones on that the outer skin on her ankle was separating from the inner skin which led to more sores, resulting in three more sores (I quite doing that). It was on the sixth of October I took another picture, concerned about the infection, that it was spreading. On the eighth I told Karen that we needed to go up to see her doctor because it wasn’t only red in the original sore, it was now pink in the other three.

Because we live 35 miles from the clinic and were on a tight budged Karen said she had an appointment with her heart doctor on the tenth and should go up then. So I begrudgingly conceded to taking her up then.

On the tenth, as I was driving her up to the clinic, she admitted to me that she wasn’t taking all of her diuretics, and this was all her fault. She had cut back on half of it because she was going to the bathroom all the time and could not get any work done in the kitchen. We talked about her possibly having to spend a couple days in the hospital to get the infection under control as well as the diuretic right, which she did not want to do, hoping we could get the antibiotic and simply go home. We had treated infections before at home, even sending a picture to her doctor with him prescribing antibiotics for me to go up and get without having to see him. Since it was not her regular doctor, we went up instead.

We were preparing to go to Sapulpa to spend time with our grandchildren and great grandchildren. Several of them had not seen their grandmother and great grandmother, and she wanted to be a witness to them. Karen was cleaning up the kitchen, canning what few apples we had gathered that year and simply had cut back on the diuretic because she was going to the bathroom all the time, thinking she could keep it under control.

When we went up to the clinic Karen's body temperature was normal, including her legs. Having congestive heart failure, with water pushing down on her legs (gravity taking its course) the infection was kept local, there were no signs of if spreading anywhere else.  Her blood pressure normal. All she needed was to get antibiotics and back on the full dose of diuretic. That’s all we had on our mind and talked about on the way up to the clinic, Karen not wanting to spend time in the hospital.

We saw Karen's heart doctor, actually an assistant, I wish we had seen her heart doctor instead since the assistant in her report wrote the legs looked normal, with seeping at the sores, when she did not physically examine them (that is pick them up and look at them) just looking down. I did not bother to tell her of the infection because we were making the trip to see a specialist and get antibiotics from them. In hindsight, I should have informed her and possibly gotten the antibiotics from Karen's heart doctor instead. 

We then went to see the Doctor, who gave Karen a lecture on taking diuretics and then when I told her we came up for antibiotics because of the infection in her sores, before I finished making the statement she reached for a wrap on her desk. She didn’t even open a drawer to get it or ask for someone to get it for her. It was there ready to put on. She immediately leaned over and put it on, repeating over and over again that it had zinc and calamine lotion on it. I was sitting there, trying to figure out how that worked, and then became irritated because she didn’t sanitize the leg. Not wanting to be argumentative, having been put in my place, that she knew what she was doing, I just sat there. There was no discussion (as Karen's regular Dr. had with me whenever a made a comment, adding it to his report). She just did what she wanted to do. She did not pick the leg up and examine it. If she had she would have clearly seen the infection, which was on the rignt side of her foot. She simply leaned over, totally attending to putting the wrap on, saying all the time, over and over again it had zinc and calamine lotion on it, telling us that her leg would feel good because of the calamine lotion. I now know those wraps have 10% zinc and calamine lotion on them but at that time I did not know, so I sat there in silence, having been “put in my place,” that’s how I felt as she put the boot on. 

The Dr. did not have her report written out when we left which all doctors had done, so we went ahead and left, going out to a restaurant Karen love to eat at, tequilas, which turned out to be her last meal. We went to Walmart to get groceries and while there Karen began to complain about her leg hurting. She had two boots prior to this one and had complained then so I was not overly concerned.

On the way home though I could tell Karen was under a lot of stress so I drove up as close as I could to the deck and helped her out. It was difficult to get her out of the car. Her leg hurt so bad. I had to help her walk to the deck where she could not pick her right leg up because of the pain and she could not stand on it to pick the other leg up because of the pain. (Karen had two knee replacement so she knew what pain way.) I then went and got two 2 X 4's and laid them on the ground (that’s 3 inches) so she could step up on them and them reach the first step, with my help (in excruciating pain) and then with my help, get up the next step by grabbing the post of the sunscreen pulling herself up to the deck. From the car to her chair, which was 60 feet it took us half an hour. I went and got a load of groceries and when I came back, she insisted that I take the wrap off. When I did what I saw was devastating. From her ankle to her knee were sore and blisters and when I touched her leg to take the wrap off it was extremely hot, so I went and got a thermometer. Halfway up Karen's leg it read 104 degrees. We were both in shock knowing the seriousness of what had happened. The boot had shoved the infection up Karen's leg through the water and blood, incubating it, pushing it up into her body, which was anemic (because of her congestive heart failure and lymphoma). I finished putting the groceries away and cleaned the place up a little and got her back in the car and drove her up to emergency in McCook, Nebraska.

From there on, it all continued downhill. After getting blood samples which took forever, the guy who worked on her had a club hand and by the numbers which came back, she was in serious trouble. I don't see how she could recover. Frome the time I saw Karen's leg at home I prayed the Lord would heal her. I saw no other way for her to live.

When we got to her room in the hospital, I sat her up in the chair because she could not lay flat. Karen had not laid flat for over one- and one-half years. Every time she laid flat, she could not breathe. For someone who has difficulty breathing to begin with, that is a great concern. Several times I tried to get her to lay in bed to get a night's rest and she could not. She always slept in her chair at 60°. When we called for an ambulance, when she had Covid they would not transport her because she insisted on sitting up, she could not lay down, when she did she could not breath. I had to get her out of the ambulance. No one helped me. They just stood there talking. I scraped the back of her right leg on the bumper getting her out, 230 pounds with all my strength. Got her in my car which was not working, got it started and drove the 35 miles to the hospital.

While there, just as it was when Karen had gone to the hospital for her heart problem, she could not lay flat. We had to set the bed up as high as it could go and stuff pillows behind her(three and four) so she could breathe. When she had Covid, two nights I had to sleep behind her on the couch with my arm hold her up at ninety degrees, so she could breathe, even with oxygen on.  Both hospital stays they insisted upon Karen taking a CAT scan, which she could not because she could not lay flat. I consider it was the lymph nodes, which were throughout her body, as tight as they could be. We used message therapy for a while but had given up. She could get around the kitchen and garden, but she could not lay flat, and it may have been because when she did, they would press onto her lungs and prevent her from breathing. Already on oxygen, it made it impossible for her to lay flat. So when they demanded, and that’s the right word, demanded her take a CAT scan in the hospital we both said she could not. Because she could not. It was impossible for her to lay flat. But the doctor wouldn’t listen (blaming her for her death for not allowing him to take a CAT scan).

While Karen was in the hospital with Covid, she lectured her doctor, like a mother her son stating, “You doctors are not paying attention to your patients. You’re not listening to us. We come in with special needs you are not attending to.” She knew what she was talking about. It was this issue of her not being able to breathe that no Dr. spent time to find out why. Assuming she didn’t like to take CAT scans and leaving it at that.

The reason for the CAT scan was, she was hemorrhaging inside and they wanted to find out why. They took x-rays and demanded a CAT scan. The reason for the hemorrhaging (as strange as it might sound) was the result of Karen not being able to walk and their demanded that she walk from her chair to a bed to be weighed. The third time they moved her in the hospital they used a crane on the ceiling to move her from her bed to the gurney they used to fly her to another hospital. They were able to transport her in the helicopter because they had sedated her. The second time they moved her, from the chair to the bed they had to use a special crane with rollers on it, where she could step up on a platform and be strapped in and moved. It was the first time when they demanded, and I mean, demanded that Karen walk from her chair to a bed to be weighed, with a walker, a nurse, and a belt around her, under her belly, with the nurse on her left side and me on her right. She was forced to walk, in pain to the bed just to weigh her. Do hospitals not have portable scales you can just step up on like a weight watchers scale. They weighed her with her sitting up on the bed. Then the nurse and I got her down off the bed. On her first step, with the walker in front, belt under her belly, me on her left side, and the nurse on her right, when Karen took her first step on that right leg, she went down. She was taking the nurse and the walker to the floor with her, so I grabbed the belt, with her 230 pounds stretch to the max with lymph nodes, the belt under her belly, I pulled her up with all my might to keep her from falling to the floor. My back hurt for two days after. I then dragged Karen, the walker, and the nurse to her chair and sat her down. That’s where the internal bleeding came from. They would not listen to us, they would not listen to us about her not being able to walk, and they would not listen to us about her not being able to lay flat, just like the Dr. in the clinic who would not listen to me about the infection in her sores.

So their solution to the internal bleeding was to give her medicine to close up the small veins in her legs and arms to get her blood pressure up, which went to the 80s over the 40s. During that time all the nurses on the floor came into the room and lined up along the wall like they were watching a rat die. In fact, prior to that the doctor came in and called her a dog, "What we have here is a very sick puppy," both very offensive to Karen and me. The whole attitude was we were in a lab. My question is, what was going to be her condition if she would even survive? Losing arms and legs. And what effect does that medicine have on a person already struggling with a poor heart. It was shortly after that that they called for intensive care, first in North Platte, who could not take her and then Kearney, Good Samaritan Hospital who sent a helicopter that flew her there. I had to drive the two hours not knowing if I would be able to ever see her alive again. 

When I arrived, I walked all the way across the hospital having parked on the wrong side, went up to her room and open the door and heard her cheerful, excited voice saying, “There he is.” I went over to her and asked her where she wanted me and she said “By my side." The report she gave to the doctors in Kearny was we came up to the clinic because her leg was "swollen and red." We never used the word red, a doctor would use that if they did not see the sore personally, and then be able to classify it as an infection. We always use the word infection. So she explained to the doctors there what happened that led to all of this. The doctor there was honest enough to come in and say she was not going to make it through the night. In both hospitals, no one tended to the pain of her leg, she complained over and over it hurt worse than the worst sunburn she had ever had, no ice, no salve, nothing. It was like it was not a problem. As though it did not exist. On the evening of the eleventh of October, at 7:16 PM Karen went to be with the Lord. 

I warned Karen on the eighth that if we did not go up to get antibiotics, she could lose her leg. We went up on the tenth, a doctor put on a boot, and she lost her life.

I have contacted 11 lawyers, and they all, saying I have a case find some reason not to take the case. They like the doctors do not listen to what I say. It as if no one cares, That doctors can do whatever they want. We pay heavy health bills and insurance for the hospitals to pay lawyers to protect them from the errors they make. I called the clinic on the sixteenth of October to complain. I called them two times after with no response, as if no one cares. Karen’s health insurance company asked for the doctor's records, which the clinic would not send—which is illegal. 

Now the report of the doctor, which was written long after we had left, was damming. First, she did not record anything I said. Which every doctor that we had seen recorded. And then she slandered Karen with a generalized phrase used in communist countries to silence. anyone who might criticize what they have done. She put in quotes the words “too busy” in regard to Karen not taking her medicine. That would be like . . .  Let me just say first of all the doctors in Kearney wrote out what Karen said with honesty and with no bias. When a patient's advocate says something, you need to record it and secondly, you need to record what the patient says without bias. For example, if a judge ordered you to jury duty and you told him you had a relative who was dying and could not make it, a compassionate judge would simply say "catch you next time." But if that judge wanted to silence you for some reason, he would send the sheriff to arrest you, put you in jail, with fingerprints, mug shot, name in the paper following, and then you would read “too busy" to do jury duty. Communist countries use this method to silence any legal response to the crimes they do. Do we have it actually practiced in clinics and hospital here. This is incomprehensible in a free society. You do not slander your patient. You record what they say without bias. This doctor should never practice medicine again. For example, if you were a pilot, you have a checklist you have to review before each flight, if you ignore that checklist (as she did) and somebody is harmed or dies you lose your license and you can even serve prison time and be heavily fine. It is as though the clinic really doesn’t care, even Karen’s doctor is mad at me because I pointed out that another doctor led to his patient's death, accusing me of attacking him for not reporting it. This is a Dr. who Karen chided, as a mother would chide her son (she thought the world of him), who grabbed his hand one day in his office and prayed over him, that the Lord would bless him and his wife, and even asked for him to advise her on her death bed. He has ignored what happened to her, which everyone in the clinic and the hospital has done. In fact, the doctor in the hospital used the very same verbiage the doctor in the clinic used “too busy," which is by legal definition conspiring to cover up medical malpractice. Karen never used those words "too busy" in the 55 years I knew her. She did not use those words in the clinic, and she did not use those words in the hospital. So doctors can pretty much do and say what they want and it’s your duty to sit there and shut up (silence is consent). We pay heavy insurance costs to pay lawyers to "protect" Doctors who do medical malpractice. With "our" lawyers unwilling to help us because of complications which are easily explained (if they would listen).

Karen Gotcher, a loving wife who is now before the Lord; 6-10-1950—10-11-2023

No one knows what it is to lose a spouse except those who have lost a spouse. I miss Karen beyond words. She knew she was dying, they gave her two years, but not this way, at a Drs. hands. With her in excruciating pain we sang hymns, prayed, share the Word of God together until she could no longer talk, with me beseeching the Lord Jesus Christ to heal her, until her body stretched out with all its might for breath, which did not come and her heart stopped. Despite the pain her mind was totally on meeting the Lord. I witnessed a child of God going home.

"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints." Psalms 116:15

Dean Gotcher

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