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Conference Sets: "Best of the Best"
(This set includes 8 speakers including those listed below )

Audio CD (MP3 for Computer) $10.00  
Audio CD's (14 cd's) $35.00  
Video DVDís (4) $50.00  
Dean Gotcher:
Booklets: "The Dialectic and Praxis: Diaprax and the End of the Ages, Vol I

$ 6.00
       "        "        "        Vol II $ 6.00  
Bibliography of Research $ 6.00  



OBE: Lessons from History "Hand-writing On the Wall"

A Brief Evaluation of Process Education .50  
Scriptures Concerning Process Education .50  
Life-Long Learning and the U.N. .50  
Taxonomy of Educational Objectives .50  
Consensus versus Principles .50  
Audio CD (set of 2) Live Presentation $ 7.00  
 "Dean Gotcher Live in 2012" DVD of a recent live presentation 2 1/2 hrs in length. $15.00  
 "Deceit and the Dialectic" Single DVD produced in studio 2 hours long split in 1/2 hour segments  $15.00  
DVD Set Research Seminar (In Depth)  4 discs   (This set is in-depth teaching on the process, the Marxist's from the 30's, and the psychologist from the 60's) Original research done in 1998   10 hours long $40.00  
 DVD Set All Day Seminar (6 hrs.) recorded live in Minnesota $30.00  
CD Set All Day Seminar  recorded live in Minnesota. $15.00  
Dr. Robert Klenck
Booklet: "How Diaprax Manifests Itself In the Church"
$ 4.00
Audio CDs (2) $ 7.00  
DVD:  "Diaprax and the Church" $15.00  
Phil Worts
Booklet: "Communist-Oriented Policing"

$ 3.00
DVD:  "Diaprax, the Conscience, and Policing" $15.00  
Steve Goss
Booklet: "The Dialectic Process, TQM, And Technology"

$ 4.00
DVD $15.00  
Pastor John Coleman
"Diaprax and the African-American Church"
Booklet: "The Evil Within"

$ 3.00
DVD $15.00  
Steve Rea
"Diaprax & Education"
Booklet: "Science Falsely So-Called"

$ 3.00
James Borchert 
"Diaprax and Government"  DVD

James Borchert
"History of King James Bible" audio CD




Judy McLemore
"Architects of Total Quality Management"